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Frequntly Asked Questions

What is a rooftop solar system?

Solar power systems work by converting the sun’s light energy to usable electricity in your property – Photovoltaic. The inverter then converts the solar panel’s DC power to AC power which you can use. Rooftop solar system can be installed on a roof of a residential building or on a commercial building.

Can I dump the electricity retailer like AGL/Origin/Energy Australia if I have had solar installed?

In general, the answer is No. Your solar system can only work when there is sun otherwise you will need your retailer to provide you the baseload for your energy demand.

What if in the daytime, the solar system generates more energy than I need?

The solar system will automatically export the unused energy back to the Grid. The electricity retailer will buy the energy at a scheme call Feed-in-Tariff(FiT). Be careful that different retailers may offer different rates for FiT and it may change from time to time. The FiT rate is usually much lower than the regular retailer electricity price offered by a retailer. Check your retailer’s website for more up-to-date info.

What is "Gday Powa Plan"?

Gday Powa Plan is an eletricity retail plan offered by Powa Power Pty Ltd :

•Free solar installation, different product options available. •5 year electricity retail contract; fixed price; •The system is yours after the 5 year contract period Currently we only offer this service in NSW.

Do we have different options for the Plan?

Yes. Currently we have two options to suit you differnt needs. Contact our sales representatives or check our website for details.

Can I participate if I am renting the property

Yes but you will need a consent and a signature/approval from your landlord

I am the owner of the property. What if I am leasing it to a tenant or what if I sell the property during the Contract Period?

If you are leasing the property, you can still sign the contract with us. In that case, you will be responsible for the electricity bills. If you are to sell the property during the contract period, you may have two options: Option 1, you may choose to terminate the contract earlier as per clauses set out in the Contract; Option 2, you may convince the new owner to carry on the Contract. We generally welcome the Option 2. From the new owner's perspective, he should have nothing to lose - he will pay the electricity consumption at a rate much lower than the standard retail tariff; and after a shorter period of time, he will have a solar system for free.

Can I trust your metering is accurate and up to date?

Yes all our meters are National Measurement Institute Appoved energy meters.

Can I monitor and view the daily and historical output of my solar system?

Yes. Please refer to our PowaCloud platform.

Is there a government subsidary for the solar system?

Yes it is called Small System Certirficate (STC). Please refer the below video explanation: With Powa Energy plan, you would agree to assign all STCs associated with the System and its operation to Powa. As such we can offer most cost-effective energy plan.

I am interested. How I can participate the "Gday Powa Plan"?

Please refer to Join Us.

Will I be charged for the energy generated by the solar system or by how much I consumed from the system? What if I can't use up what has been generated?

The energy will be measured and charged based on the overall solar system generation. The energy generated by solar system but not consumed by you will be exported to the grid and sold to your retailer directly under a scheme called Feed-in Tariff(FiT). You may check with current electricity retailer about the rate and may be able to choose a plan that suits your needs.