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Days with Gday Powa Solar Energy Plan

Stage 1  Research and Eqnuiry:

"Gday Powa Solar Energy Plan" is not for everybody. You will need to understand the key terms of the plan.  The Frequent Answers and Question (FAQ) section may have answers for most of your questions. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to call our friendly service line at 1300 076 920, send us an email at, or simly leave a message HERE . We shall contact you as soon as possible.

Stage 2  Application and sign in:

So you are interested.  You will need to apply through Join Us section. We will have some basic info from you. We follow strickly privacy laws Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. You info will be used for the evaluation of this business only. Details please refer to our Privacy Statement. 

Our Customer Relationship Specialist shall contact you with 48hours after you submit the form.

If you are approved, we will send you an electrical copy of contract for you to sign. The key terms should be addressed in the Q&A already. Once the contract is signed, you may need to pay a refundable bond according to the plan that you have chosen.

Stage 3  Solar Installation:

Once the paper work is done, we will book a time with you to get the solar system installed. 

Note that even with Gday Powa Solar Energy Plan, you still need to electricity retailer to provide a baseload of your electriciy supply. After the solar system is installed, you will need to call your retailer to see if your electriciy meter need to be upgraded to smart meter...normally it is free to upgrade. And you probably want to choose a right solar Feed-in Tariff plan for your solar system.

Stage 4  Contract period:

Welcome to Gday Powa! Now you can relax and just let the solar system do the job for you. 

Our PowaCloud platform will monitor the performance of your system 24x7. Should there be any problem, more likely we just fix it even before you know it. In some cases, we might need to contact you to book you a time , if our technician needs to go onsite to fix an issue.

If your house is eligible, you will have an account with us on PowaCloud and you shall be able to see the daily and historical performance of the solar system and even your household energy consumption.

Our finance team will send you bill every month. We strongly recommend you to pay it ontime or just choose direct debit plan - there is discount if you do so! 

Stage 5  Life-time Monitoring and Service

Too soon! The contract period is over and now the solar system is yours. 

We offer to keep your system on the PowaCloud platform and  provide monitoring and maintainance service for a small cost.  It's up to you to decide.

Nevertheless, all your warranty is still valid. Remember, you panels' performance warranty is as long as 25 years!

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